Free 3D Colorful Bar Graph PowerPoint Chart Design to Download for Slide Presentation

Free PowerPoint Backgrounds Templates Download - Making slide presentation sometime needs elements to describe the textual content into graphics. And one of those interesting elements to add into the pages is PowerPoint 3D chart design.

With this images, the presenter can put texts or numbers into the graphs as the other way to give explanation to the audiences.

On the other side, with 3D images, the page slides can look so dynamic than just filled with plain text. It can eliminate the boring things during the presentation. And the audiences will look the PowerPoint presentation slide so attractive and interesting.

The big impact of adding images such as 3D charts is, the audiences can understand your explanation easily. Because charts or images can represents million of texts in the presentation pages.

Sample 3D Colorful Graph, Chart Design for PowerPoint Slide

In order to help you in creating amazing PowerPoint presentation pages, here we show you some PowerPoint charts templates in 3D style that maybe some of them are suitable for your design.

Actually, some of the pictures below was made not intended as a graph to show the numerical data. But with your creativity, the chart designs below can be used as its function to describe the information in the numbers and statistical form.

And the most interesting from this free charts is it can be downloaded for free and use in any slides.

Block 3D Chart

Most people think that common chart for showing statistic numbers or texts is look like a block shape. If you have the similar thought, you can use this 3D graph design for many function.

One, as different ways to display data with simple interesting images. Second, the graphic is used just as decoration.

Download :

3D Circular Venn Chart

If you have PowerPoint presentation content that explains about logical relations between a finite collection of sets, and you want to describe it in pictures, this option is yours.

Because rather than just the illustrate the content in 2 dimension of 2D images, it is better to show the statistics result in 3D graphs. And the result is, your presentation slide look modern and fresh.

Download at :

3D Pyramid Bar Design

Finding something unique for slide in PowerPoint page is a good idea. One idea is to use different image for making chart.

A 3d pyramid model can give your slide design much more benefit.

First, the page looks so different in showing data.

Second, the audiences will find the PowerPoint slide is more unique.

And last but or least, the audience assess you as a smart people because you are showing something that usually do by professionals.

Download at :

3D Pyramid Shape Flow and Process Chart

Sometimes, a presentation can not be explained simply by using words and sentences.

Because, when relying on an explanation in writing, can make the number of pages to be very much.

In addition, the slide pages that contain only text, can make viewers become bored.

Therefore,the help of graphs and images can represent the number of posts that should be made.

And this shape of chart and graphic in pyramid model can help you to explain what is contained in the presentation in the form of images, which is a much simpler explanation.

You can explain the circle of process that contain text or number as data. Otherwise, the 3d pyramid shape images can be used as decoration as icon or graphics.

Download at :

3D Lego Shape Chart Design

Using the shape of objects around us as a graphic image into a brilliant way. In this way, make the design of a presentation seemed to be a part of everyday human life.

Lego is a form of matter that is often played by children and adults as well. Lego could represent the theme of the presentation is full of creative ideas.

Utilizing a unique form of Lego form can give a fresh image variation and a lot of inspiration.

Download at :

With some of the images above, you can have your PowerPoint slide designs full of color. Hopefully you do the best presentation ever with 3D ppt PowerPoint charts.

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