Free Simple Design PowerPoint Template - Presentation Background

Free Simple Design PowerPoint Template - Presentation Background - Creating a PowerPoint presentation page design is very nice when using a background image attractive and beautiful.

But not all the pages of slides for presentations must use a picture that looks very dramatic. In fact, most people prefer to use a simple design for a meeting with a colleague or co-worker.

Simple PowerPoint Template Can Be Just Picture Or Color

Free simple PowerPoint template page design can come in many forms. Among them is to just use a little bit of color combinations. Even with just one color alone is enough.

Style design like this is the easiest, because only using one color that matches the theme of the presentation, the non-verbal message has been conveyed to the represented from the colors used.

The colors used can be in the form of a background image that is created in the format jpg, png or bmp. In this way, the user must enter the picture by way of setting the background.

Then choose the folder where the files are stored color images. In this way the image color format rather difficult to do variations.

But there is a way to change the color of the image by setting the "picture" in the background format.

Another way to make a simple PowerPoint template is to add color to the color settings in the background. Same with ways in which to insert an image in the background.

But not an option selected files, but by pressing a button to select a color. In the selection of colors, you can enter the color that consists of only one tone color combinations But there is also a form of gradation.

Although the composition of the colors used looks complex, but the process of creating a template is very easy because just pick a color combination that has been provided by Microsoft Powerpoint.

Once the process is complete color settings, then you can emulai fill pages with the content of your slides have.

Sample Simple PowerPoint Template Background


If you want a template for PowerPoint to design simpler and easier, then you can use the free ppt below :
Hope this simple ppt theme is useful for you.

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