Free PowerPoint Templates for Teachers : Easy Steps to Make Spectacular Presentation

Since Microsoft completed PowerPoint with standard templates, teachers can download free PowerPoint templates for teachers from internet. Microsoft Office offered Microsoft PowerPoint that’s designed to ease you in making an attractive presentation for meetings.
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Amazing PowerPoint Presentation By Teacher Using Free Template

Cartoon Teacher do PowerPoint Presentation using free ppt templates
But if there is no impressive free PowerPoint templates for teachers founded, teachers are allowed to make their own teaching PowerPoint templates. It is so easy to make education PowerPoint templates.

Just make a presentation and then save it as PowerPoint template (with .potx extension). The saved file will be a PowerPoint template.

Now, let us show you how to make your own PowerPoint template that’s different from standard PowerPoint templates and from other PowerPoint templates that are shared in the internet.

First of all, you must open your Microsoft PowerPoint application program and then open a blank page. And then click the View tab and then click the Notes Master.

Next, click the Slide Master. Wait, what is it? Slide Master is the bigger slide picture on the top of mini slide pictures list. The related layout is positioned under the Slide Master.

To make changes to the layout or slide master of your do-it-yourself free education PowerPoint templates, you can open the Slide Master tab.

If you want to erase the placeholder you don’t like, just click on the mini image panel, click the slide master or layout where the placeholder is located.

Click on the border of placeholder and then click delete. But if you’re going to add a new full theme with special font and spectacular effect, click the Themes and then pick the theme you desire for your school ppt templates free download.

To change the background of your new PowerPoint template, click the Background Styles and then pick the background.

You’re allowed to choose your favorite color, pattern, even your own picture to be the background of your new free PowerPoint templates for teachers.

Now, to adjust the page orientation of all slides in your PowerPoint presentation, click the Page Setup and decide the width and height of the slide pages according to your taste.

You’re also allowed to make landscape or portrait slide presentation. To move the placeholder around your PowerPoint slides, click the border of placeholder and drag it to its new position.

After editing your Slide Master and you think your new free PowerPoint templates for teachers is ready to be saved and published, you can save it first.

Open the Menu of your PowerPoint and then click the Save As. Click the Other Formats that are located on the bottom of Save As tab.

And then name your new template. Click the Save as Type and choose the PowerPoint Template. And then click save.

Now, your new PowerPoint template is ready to use and published to the internet.

You can watch how to create PowerPoint slide for teacher presentation here :

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