Tutorials How to Add Animated Education on Downloaded PPT

The usage of free educational PowerPoint templates is important for teacher or students on their area of activities. Microsoft acquired PowerPoint as their application program that can be used to make slides for presentations. In past, PowerPoint was only used by businessmen to make business presentations.

Educational Templates For PowerPoint
But today, many people including teachers and students are making PowerPoint presentations to teach and to present their research or tasks. Unfortunately, since PowerPoint is getting more and more popular, people get used to watch PowerPoint and get bored to pay attention to PowerPoint presentations. This problem can be outsmarted by using attractive free education PowerPoint templates that will arrest the attention of the audience.

Free Educational PowerPoint Templates

So many bloggers have made their own styled animated education PowerPoint templates and they have shared those masterpieces on their blog or site. Now we can download those free PowerPoint templates education themes and use them to make our PowerPoint slides look different and special. To use those free and downloadable templates with education themes, school, college or others we must first find the sites or blogs that are providing free download education templates for PowerPoint and then download the templates we want. Now, we can start using them.

Steps Using Free PowerPoint Templates Education Theme

How to use the new free PowerPoint templates for teachers or school presentation with the education theme? First of all, check the downloaded PowerPoint education template. If it is compressed, it is better to extract the compressed file first. And then find the file with .thmx or .ppt extension. Next, copy the file with .ppt or .thmx extension by pressing ctrl button and c button on your keyboard at together. Next, open the Local Disc (C:), find the Program Files folder and open it. Look for Microsoft Office folder, open it and open the Document Themes 12 folder. Paste the file you’ve copied to this folder.

Now, open your PowerPoint application program and then click the Design tab. You’ll see many templates under the Design tab. Look for the new back to school PowerPoint templates you’ve downloaded and copied to the Microsoft PowerPoint folder. You’ll find the templates you’ve downloaded and copied between the standard templates provided by Microsoft Office. You can start using the new templates you’ve downloaded to make your PowerPoint slides look more stunning.

Adding Animated Education for PowerPoint

Sometimes teacher or students need to add some graphics or kind of image as decoration for their PowerPoint slide. Background, images, photo and any other related with that is such a common design for audience. And it not good to add in the page if the goal is to attract audience's attention. The key to attract audience is by adding something unique. Animated, 3D clipart can be a good idea in order to take audience's vision on the slide and presenter. You can choose PowerPoint educational background designs that suitable with your template.

That’s all tutorials about how to add the new free education PowerPoint templates you have downloaded to your Microsoft PowerPoint. Since the entire steps we shared here are easy to understand, hope you can understand the steps above and complete your PowerPoint with new and impressive education themed templates. Attractive templates are very important to make your PowerPoint presentation looks different and to attract the attention of your audience.

If you’re used to make presentation using Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint, you’re suggested to hunt new free education PowerPoint templates for your upcoming presentations so that your audience will not get bored to see your PowerPoint presentations because you always use the same template for all presentations. There are lots of sites and blogs sharing attractive PowerPoint templates, but if you can’t find ones you love the most, you can try making the templates by yourself and then share your do-it-yourself templates on the internet.

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