Download Free Global Education PowerPoint Template for Internationally Presentation

This is a free global education PowerPoint template with symbolized by related images such graduation cap, books, world globe map, and some abstract lines that represents about the flows of knowledge science and technology around the world.

Global Education Presentation PPT Template Design

An educational ppt template in .pptx format for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 with background color of dark blue and light blue in gradation style for all pages. For front page or cover page, you can find a global map silhouette in dotted white. A black graduation cap is at the bottom right corner and lying on the top of colorful (yellow, green and white scrolled paper) books stack.

For the inner page for showing content for free global education PowerPoint templates presentation slide, the background color is the same as the front page. But the graduation cap lies at the bottom left corner. In order to display the educational presentation topic ideas clearly on the center page, so it has no any decoration such silhouette, image or icon.

An abstract line horizontally at the bottom of the international education presentation template add an ascent and representing the flow of skills, opportunity, quality of or PowerPoint's material.

The most important of this ppt is, that you can add your own education presentation tool such icon, image, animation, gif, table, data number, graphics, and other that you think your audience should know. Changing font for style, size and color is as simple as your type on Word.

global education powerpoint templates

International Education Presentation Topic Ideas

If you are arranging a presentation about education on PowerPoint about global health training, glowal warming protection program, international marketing business, planetary history, universal communication study and other, you can use this .pptx for your slideshow.

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