Designing 3D Bubble PowerPoint Shape with Depth Effect

Now we learn how to design 3D bubble PowerPoint shape object with effect as an image in presentation slide. This sphere 3D PowerPoint will be added to make it look realistic effects and taste out of the page. By adding depth to objects in PowerPoint so that it can add to the value of the page slide presentation.

Sometimes slide presentation requires a unique image, impressive and looks outstanding as PowerPoint 3D images. This is done in order to make a presentation to get a high evaluation from the audience or client too. And these steps, is expected to generate sales for the company.

How to Design 3D Bubble PowerPoint Shape Object with Effect

Let us begin to draw 3D bubble PowerPoint presentation of our image as an object.
  1. First open the program Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Then on the Home tab, choose Drawing. Click the oval image.
  3. On the worksheet, click the Shift key, and simultaneously move the mouse to circle the size is adjusted to your liking.
  4. In the circular image, right click on the mouse, and choose Format Shape.
  5. Click the 3-D format, at the Bevel, click the small triangle and choose Circle. Then, enter the number could approach the form of a circle into a three-dimensional look.
  6. You can start with the number 72 on the both form, top and bottom. You can customize it by raising or lowering the numbers on the form. The larger the circle, the greater the number that must be entered.
In this way, then you've made a 3d shape objects in PowerPoint in the form of balls or spheres.

If you are not satisfied with the PowerPoint 3D images, the design of your presentation slides, you can try to add a 3D depth effect on those objects.

How to add a depth effect on 3D objects in PowerPoint

How to add a three-dimensional effect of depth on objects in PowerPoint is to adjust the settings on the form in panel 3-D format. With 3-D Format panels open, changing the numbers on the Depth, Contour and Surface can display a real effect on the bubble or ball, it becomes more obvious.

Additionally, you can experiment with changing the sphere color, the Fill with color, pattern, gradient or image that can represent your bubble in this free 3d PowerPoint template.

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