How to Use Animation for PowerPoint Presentation More Interesting And Effective

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - We know that delivering a presentation by using PowerPoint seems easy to do, but most of us often get failed in how to use animation in PowerPoint such an effective and interesting presentation. As a result, the audience lose their enthusiasm and attention to the presentation because they feel that it is boring.
This causes us lose the chance to be successful in doing the presentation. Thus, we really need something as a guideline on giving an interesting  animation presentation.

Tips To Make Animated PowerPoint Presentation More Effective and Interesting

Maximize The Toolbars’ Function

It is true that PowerPoint menu has some toolbars that can be operated easily in order to organize the slides of our presentation. Yet, we often do not know how to maximize the functions of each toolbar.

Then, we should find out sample PowerPoint presentation with animation to give us ideas on how to maximize the toolbars.

Basically, we can try each toolbar one by one to know the function. Just type some sentences in the slide. Then, block the first sentence.

Click the word animation from the toolbar, and then click one by one from the options available there.

Once you click an animation effect, your sentence will change directly just to show you the function of the toolbar that you click. Try every effect and choose the best one for your presentation.

The animation effects can be in the entrance form and in the exit form. It means that you can set the animation to the text or to each sentence when you want it to appear on the screen or when you want it to exit the screen.

Add The Sound Effect

If you learn a how to make your PowerPoint presentation interesting and effective, you may find that it has sound effect during the entrance and the exit of the points.

You see that it makes the slides more interesting when it is played on the screen. Other way, you can can have animated PowerPoint free download for your project.

Also, it will direct and tie your audience to the slides that you are presenting.

Make A Slide Show Trial Of Each Slide

After finishing designing each slide, you should check it when it is in the slide show mode. Click one by one and check whether the animation effect and the sound effect match what you need.

If you find something unsatisfying about the animation effects and the sound effects, of course you still have a chance to edit it.

Check it from the first till the last slide that you have prepared. After you are sure about each animated business PowerPoint template for slideshow and sound effects, do not forget to try the slide show of the whole presentation slides.

This is the final check to make you certain that the slides are excellent. If you still find some difficulties in making awesome PowerPoint presentation slides, you can search for the sample PowerPoint presentation with animation and try to imitate it.

Actually, it is not difficult to make and to use PowerPoint slides in doing presentations. All you have to do is just to train yourself more often both in making the slides and in using it during a real animation presentation.

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