10 Amazing Simple Presentation Ways That Audience Will Trust You

Simple Amazing Ways in Your presentation that make your audience will trust you! Nobody wants to go through yet another boring presentation. Nobody. As much as it is probably a nerve-wracking experience for the presenter, it is as equally as tedious for the audience to watch another lifeless, plain, and boring power point presentation slideshow.

Although the tool is very neat and enough for one to make a PowerPoint presentation interesting for audience, but still little did people know how to use it to the best of its worth.

There are plenty of ways one can spice up their PowerPoint slideshow to become more lively, interactive, and sufferable for many audience out there, which some of you can find in this article.

However, we do realize that the content of this writing is probably will not cover enough of all the possible helpful tips of your presentation skills, and pretty much far from comprehensive or complete.

But anyway, creativity knows no bounds, perhaps you know some other helpful tips aside from this PowerPoint presentation tips and guidelines? Let us know in the comments! Enjoy reading!

Tips and Guideline 1 : Managing Material for PowerPoint presentations

Although it is still taken for granted most of the time, but if one really make the best use of the features provided in PowerPoint tools, there are actually plenty of wonders you can get as both the presenter and the creator of the slideshow.

The first baby step on the list is to plan. Wow, it probably sounds a little bit too technical, but it actually does not.

The planning part here is actually to write a draft, a script for your slideshow presentation. Although doing one may goes quite a long way and may take your time and plenty of inspiration-boosters (like coffee, for example.

But that is beside the point), but the result will be worth it.


Most bad PowerPoint slideshow designs stems from the fact that most presenter or slideshow creator just cram all of their materials on the slide without any reason or rhyme.

Sure, it might get you work faster, but then the day will come when you are asked to explain them and from that point on, all hell will broke loose.

Actually, scratch that, it was a disaster from the point you did not sort the material you’re about to show in a reasonable, neat manner.

Understand Audience

One of the probably most common forgotten thing about delivering a PowerPoint presentation rooted its problem in the fact that most people forgot that it is all about communication, for whatever reason.

That is why, the key of making PowerPoint presentations essentially lies in how you ‘connect’ with your audience.

And out of all effective ways of connecting and interacting with audience, delivering slideshow contained with nonsensical, long-winded materials is definitely not one of them. Don't be shy to present on front of audience on public speaking.

Material Arrangement

Always make sure that you arrange the materials deliverance in this manner; there is a beginning, a middle, and also the end, so that your audience will understand and know which one is head and which one is tail.

This is also to lessen the suffering for them from having to undergo such boring and lengthy presentation and to free you from the tense of being too nervous or stiff with the way you present it.

Know what you are going to say and visualize the moment you will be speaking. Thus the best effort is spending your time in preparing PowerPoint slide.

Just like any good storytelling conventions; build a tension, an arc that will make your audience curious and engaged to find out more about what you are going to explain.

Convey It Clearly

Other thing that may presentation presenter should know about creating a good PowerPoint slideshow is to state their point clearly on the screen.

Convey your intention and material one at a time. Make it brief, succinct, but easily understandable at the same time too.

If you have another point, then make sure to keep the interest going on by putting it in a point, one thing at a time, or you can simply put it for the next slide.

What you are going to talk about should adhere to what the screen shows so that the audience will not be confused and so that you will not be feeling awkward or overwhelmed too.

Also, avoid paragraphs and big chunk wall of texts!

Nobody will actually take their time to really pay attention to long paragraphs. TL;DR, too long; did not read. That’s the rule of thumb that many of us have been failed to pay attention to.

Just imagine yourself in the audience’s shoes, surely you will be aggravated and bored if you have to read a long paragraph on a slideshow, right?

Tips and Guideline 2 : Creating a Catchy Design

The neat features to add the spice of visuals to you slideshow presentation is there. Ranging from the animation, transition, templates, and so on, and so on.

The only thing left for presenter to do is to make sure how all of this wonderful features can be used in a manner that will support the wholesomely best presentation, from the terms of materials, design, and also the way the presenter presented their materials.

These nice little visual ‘flash’ have come in a neat, nice little package called PowerPoint. But even the most creative minds sometimes failed to wield them to the most of their worth.

So, do you know what it takes to make the best of use of these design features?


There are no rules about how you should be creative, but there are certainly some things that are best to be left avoided in designing a slideshow presentation.

The number one big no is the use of weird fonts. You might want to create a dramatic look by using Curlz MT font or other ‘unusual’-looking fonts, but that becomes a big no if that caused you’re audiences severe eye-sore as they are trying hard to make out of what is written on the screen.

Instead, use the ones that are easily understandable and readable like Helvetica, Arial, or Calibri that are big enough and easy enough to be read on screens.

Lite Decoration

The second no in designing a presentation is to have the crowded with decorations.

Of course they are nice, but always keep in mind to keep your slide decoration at bay so that it will not hinder the audience from reading the text.

And don’t make it too flashy. Gif pictures are generally nice, but if they are over-used, your slideshow would take a nose dive turn from stellar into simply bad.

If you are using images or slides effect use it sparingly and avoid spamming one slide with only pictures arranged in a non-orderly way. Never mess with the power of visuals.

Text Colour

The text colour should also be readable; avoid miss-matching colours. The best combinations to look at is probably dark coloured text on a light coloured background.

Also, if you don’t align the text weirdly and avoid any clutter possible, then you should be fine.

Tips and Guideline 3 : Presenting


Now that all of it have been done, the thing left for you to do is to present your presentation.

Basically, the only key you have to keep in mind while presenting the materials is that you have to act as if you are talking to friends or any loved ones; connect with them.

Look at them in the eyes, or if you have trouble, look at them on the side of their heads so that they know you are paying attention to them and are speaking to them, so they should pay attention.

It is all about sending out the message AND your points. Mind your presentation manner, if you are in formal occasions, keep it formal.

If you are presenting for school project, then semi-formal approach will probably the best on the book.


When presenting, think outside of the screen! This is why, learning the ins and outs of your materials is very important, because it will aid you to improve and elaborate more.

Don’t rush into things, take time to modulate what you are saying, make your points clear, and elaborate if necessary.

If you find yourself nervous, take a deep breaths and re-read again the point on screen.

Audience Interaction

Interacting with audience is never an easy thing to do, but you’ll survive if you have more faith in yourself and your materials.

One of the best ways to get audience hooked is by asking questions back to them, be interactive! Crack a joke if necessary. But avoid from using it too much or else it will turn really awkward real fast.

Hopefully these tips and guidelines will give you the amazing result in your business PowerPoint presentation because the audience now can trust your that you never have before.

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