10 Tips How To Convince Audiences In Presentations

Not only founders are regularly faced with the challenge of keeping a crisp and engaging presentation. For example, to potential investors or potential customers.

These opportunities can be missed no one would think. But not little speakers succumb in these situations, the reflex to convey as much knowledge, instead of engaging the needs of the audience.

The result is often listen to boring films Listings countless features that rarely attract the audience. In this case, you risk a lot: investors do not invest, customers do not buy, no matter how brilliant business presentation in PowerPoint ideas are not considered.

However Present is not art but a craft. By following a few rules to challenge an exciting presentation is to master and it will be possible to successfully generate interest in their portfolios or business idea. These here are a few tips of creative presentation techniques ideas with PowerPoint :

10 Tips How To Convince Audiences In Presentations

1. What I want to convey with my presentation?

Present before an audience is not for everyone. For many, it means stress, which attempts to compensate for the fact to describe its own offer.

The topic you know best about this and feels the carry-forward safely. However, this results in two problems :

First, we know too much and should not be simply listed tiring, and secondly, it is usually only the offer (what) enumerated and properties (How). From the audience - often unconsciously - expected himself added value (Why) derive.

Can the any better than us? Probably not! The majority must be served to the audience on the tablet. They must be convinced that an urgent problem exists that must be solved. And immediately.

2. I want to convince my presentation?

Familiarize yourself clear who is sitting in auditorium and what his or her motivation to attend the presentation. Imagine targeted to the individual needs. Investors have a different information needs than your potential customers.

And customer is not the same customer, position is not the same position! A new software, for example, has a different meaning for a CEO (boosting profitability) than for the IT manager (risk) or the user (workload).

On top of all use a different vocabulary. Have you heard the term software of all three independently explain.

3. What do I want to convince my presentation?

For a convincing presentation in front of audience, it is absolutely important to select only the top THREE arguments that provide the best arguments for the audience. More nobody will impress.

To find out which are the, start by listing the features of your offer and sort them roughly on the presumed benefits for your upcoming listener. Here are some presentation audience interaction ideas you should know.

4. Translate features in individual utility

Now it gets serious! The properties listed are translated into individual benefits to the listener. And do not confuse functions and features with the customer benefit.

This error can be observed again and again. Put yourself in the position of your audience and ask yourself again and again why he or she will accept your offer.

The three convincing arguments to select for the upcoming presentation. In order to make the added value tangible, help yourself telling of the story and tell you how you could help comparable customers to increase revenue, streamline a process or to save money.

Do not speak of abstract company, but from people who have similar positions or responsibilities as your audience. Ideally, the utility gain is provided with verifiable numbers.

For example: 20 percent sales increase or three hours less labor, increase profitability by five percent, etc. If you could gain neither customers nor data as StartUp so far, then be visionary!

Tell how you imagine that your offer will help. And if not already done so, collect such information!

5. Now let: Explain the properties

Nor are all awake? I mean your audience. Good, because now you have earned the right to list a few properties of your product.

Only now interested listeners some details about how they do it. But you stay with the main arguments: Those who are in the context of the three user benefits.

6. Less really is more!

Too much text makes tired of nobody notices and is accordingly unnecessary. The goal is crisp statements that impress themselves well with the help of suitable illustration (suggestions are obtained abundant in magazines).

Avoid abbreviations, jargon and buzzwords. If a listener does not understand something - and so you must always reckon - then he or she will not show a lack of understanding. A missed opportunity.

7. Appearance

This is of course a matter of taste, but here it is important to avoid distractions. Errors in the processing, such as different character fonts, distracting the viewer.

The best you go through a neat and tidy appearance of the first to the last slide. Exceptional transitions and animations can be used for interesting effects.

This should, however - like everything in life - not out of hand.

8. Do not read!

Attention imperative: Avoid reading your slides! Here and there, the reading would be useful, but only to support a major statement or when it comes to the exact text.

Otherwise: Read all can you. If everything big enough on the wall. Much more important: Look forward to the audience. To combat any nervousness, read from a pinch from the second screen.

Current presentation software allows you to display different contents on canvas and computer. Be as you wish to present them your notes. Bind the auditorium with questions, select a lively writing style.

9. Any good presentation requires extensive preparation

It is rumored that Steve Jobs preparing his presentations not less than three months. And they are legendary.

The preparatory work includes the preparation of the content and practicing the presentation. But the effort is rewarded.

A presentation that sets itself apart from everyday life, memories are made. And that's what you want to achieve? And the practiced will be rewarded with less anxiety by building your own effective PowerPoint presentation training

10. Summary at the end of the presentation

I recommend a quick summary of the top three arguments at the end to ensure that the key messages get stuck.

And as I said, be brief! The whole presentation should last no longer than ten minutes usually.

Those all  tips you can do in convincing your audience during presentation by enhancing PowerPoint or other presentation tools.

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