7 Reason Why PowerPoint Presentation Tool Is Still The Best Choice

Everyone has been working with PowerPoint. Whether it's for a talk about elephants in group 8 was whether during a meeting last week; some basic knowledge is usually present. Yet there are few people who really know how to deal with PowerPoint and what the options are all there including in using PowerPoint application and addon.

Time after time we surprise our customers with an inspiring and creative presentation. How do we do that? Below we reveal five secrets of PowerPoint why it is still the best.

1. Easy Design

Designing presentation pages using Microsoft PowerPoint is very easy mostly for beginner. Just like using other Microsoft Office software package, designing slide in PowerPoint is as simple as pick and do steps. There are so many tools to helps the users when building a ppt file.

2. Many Free PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint provides so many templates in their website that can be downloaded for free by users. At the same time, many websites that offer free PowerPoint templates to be used for making presentation slides.

So users no longer have to buy a template that is already available on the internet. Unless they need special templates with designs they purchased from third parties

3. Interactive Presentations

Chronologically by clicking through the whole presentation is not necessary. It's super awkward when you're on slide 60, returned to have to slide 23 because someone has a question about it.

Therefore we make our presentations interactive. Through a menu you can choose what is relevant at the time of presentation.

4. PowerPoint Animations

Many people think that you only with Adobe Flash to create beautiful animations. This is not true! Even with PowerPoint, you can illustrate and animate beautiful things with the use of different forms. A good example is our coffee, made entirely in PowerPoint.

5. PowerPoint to YouTube

It may happen that you want to show a presentation that you've made a whole and playback. Then you can choose to easily make a movie of your creation. You do this 'export' means the function when you look at the top left of your screen under 'file'. This movie can you then upload to YouTube. A nice example is the trailer for our workshop:

6. PowerPoint To Web Page

The above option is nice, but what if you made a pretty interactive presentation? In a film lost all interactivity, since you can not get more clicks. It is also possible to convert your PowerPoint presentation to HTML. In this way, it is still possible to make choices online.

7. iPad Presentation

Nowadays there is a lot of work with Ipad, especially in sales positions. Therefore, there is also the possibility to build your presentation so that it also works well on an Ipad. No more lugging your laptop, your tablet everywhere you go! PowerPoint namely works fine on the Ipad.

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