6 Best PowerPoint Applications And Addon for Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program makers that do not stand alone. But there are other applications as well as an addon that can be added to the program in order to be able to do many other things. And here are some of the presentation applications and the most nice addon for use in PowerPoint


PptPlex is a free program developed by Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you to interact with presentations in a nonlinear manner.

It enables you to group the slides into sections and move freely from one section and the other being played. It also includes the zoom functions that allow you to zoom any area of the presentations in an extremely easy and fast.

Office Timeline

As suggested by its name quite easily, Office Timeline is a free program for PowerPoint that allows everyone to enter the timeline in their presentations in an extremely easy and fast. Includes several tools that make creating timelines and their subsequent amendment a real breeze.

It comes in two versions, one free with basic functions and a paid offering plus a wide range of templates with timeline ready to use, features to customize text, copy and paste data from Excel, and more.


PPTols is one of the best programs for free PowerPoint that enriches the popular presentation software Microsoft weblog with various tools that simplify and speed up the work. Includes a zoom feature, simplified tool for processing text, a computer pixels, inches and other units, tools to insert multiple images or forms exactly the same position in different slide and much more. There is a free expansion that adds other features.


From Office 2007, Microsoft also introduced in the so-called PowerPoint Ribbon interface, namely the toolbar simplified structured tabbed.

This predisposition not everyone likes, especially those who have been accustomed for many years to use PowerPoint with the Classic Menus.

So here come into play UBitMenu, a practical free addon for Office 2007/2013 which adds a tab interface Ribbon PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc. within the menu with classic old Office. It is available in several languages, including Italian too.

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Visual Bee

Visual Bee is a tool that allows you to improve the appearance of the presentations by the wizards that suggest steps to be taken to make the slides more beautiful and attractive.

For example, if you analyze a number of slide too much "spoils" containing only text, Visual Bee offers a series of preset templates that can enrich the presentation with graphics and colors effective.

Includes many predefined themes, animations and functions for the automatic design of the slide. It is available in three versions, two for a fee and a free but adds a logo in elaborate presentations.


PowerMockup is a very easy to use add-on that allows you to enter mockup within PowerPoint presentations through a wide range of shapes and objects preset.

The addon is presented as a practical side sidebar within which you can search and choose items to add to the slide to achieve their mockup of browsers, phones, tablets and many other devices or elements.

The software is a fee but it is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all the functions for a period of 30 days.

Those all the PowerPoint presentation  application and addon you should know.

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