A Simple Layout For A Better PowerPoint Presentation Design

The central part of a slide, typically one where the contents are inserted, is a space of about 25 inches long. If you think about it, it is a considerable length, especially for texts: in almost no time, (newspapers, books, web, mail) in fact we happen to read texts that expand so much.

And the reason is simple: if the text lines are too long, the eye will make a lot more effort to follow the text. There are some activities to enhance presentation skills in PowerPoint you rmust to in order to overcome this situation.

When you are trying to make a professional PowerPoint presentation in simple way (read : design PowerPoint tutorial) , you need to consider how to layout a slide page for a better audience's respond.

Now, it happens that the technical possibility of all this space by finding unique ideas for a presentation. It is combined with the some requirements to "say everything possible" push to create text boxes of 20 cm or more on the slide.

It seems the choice easier and more intuitive, but unfortunately this greatly reduces legibility.

The eye has to start from the left and make a whole race up to the right. Then he has to return to the left sagging of a line. If the slides are projected not easy.

For this reason it would be better never to take advantage of all the space we have available, but building of the text boxes that do not exceed 13-15 inches long.

This simple device allows you to solve a series of problems and simultaneously opens some possibilities:
  • The eye runs less on slide
  • The text makes it more compact and readable
  • We are somehow forced to write less, and this is always a good
  • We can finally put next to the text of the images that are relevant. In this way we will satisfy both the left hemisphere than the right hemisphere of our listeners.

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