How To Convert PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD --- Creating PPS File to DVD Format

Most PowerPoint customers realize that PowerPoint presentations are often held in PPT format. A number of you might have received presentations that may be performed directly whenever you click to spread out.

Individuals files have been in PPS format, namely PowerPoint show. A PPS is simply a PPT file having a different file extension that informs PowerPoint opened up into the slide show view pattern, not the editing view pattern. You are able to change it out by renaming the file extension.

Regardless of the advantages we are able to see of the PPS file, you will find also many disadvantages of the PPS file:

1. You'll either need MS PowerPoint or even the PowerPoint viewer to see these files. Therefore it might be bothersome for viewing a PPS file.

2. System language may be an issue, that's, when the language of 1 presentation is within Japanese, The spanish language as well as other ones, when viewing it underneath the British Home windows, all of the content would be a mess.

3. A PowerPoint show produced in PowerPoint2007cannot be seen under PowerPoint 97-2003, unless of course it will save you it as being a PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation, however, many wonderful features will forfeit.

Concerning the deficits of PPS pointed out above, you are able to convert the PowerPoint to expensive, turn PowerPoint to PDF, or burn PowerPoint to DVD/video.

PDF is fantastic for static slide shows, only images and text is going to be maintained. Transforming PowerPoint to expensive is ideal for presentations which contain exterior hyperlinks, linked files, like Word or Stand out files.

But, to date, no PowerPoint to expensive tool can retain all animations in PowerPoint. Regarding me, I favor to lose PowerPoint to video movies or become DVD. Right here primary advantages of burning a PPS to DVD:

1. Simple for delivery. After transforming PPS to DVD, you don't need to fret losing sounds and videos found in your presentation.

2. By transforming PPS to DVD, you will see the PowerPoint presentation having a DVD player or DVD machine. It is always good for very long time upkeep.

3. After transforming PPS to DVD, you are able to provide your presentations for your audience without having to worry about this being modified without permission.

4. By transforming the PPS file to video formats, the quality could be much more compact, and you may also mail it to other people easily.

Usually you will find two methods for us. The disposable way is by using Home windows Movie Maker. But, there's no free lunch on the planet.

By utilizing Home windows Movie Maker, all of the animations within the original presentation is going to be lost following the conversion. Here are the steps of methods to get it done.

Step1. Save your valuable PowerPoint slide show as "PNG" images.

Step2. Import the images for your Home windows Movie Maker

Step3. Choose all of the imported images and add these to Storyboard

Step4. Add video effects towards the 35mm slides (Optional)

Step5. Save the slide show as Movie File.

To be able to obtain a greater quality, a different way to do that is by using some specific PowerPoint to DVD software to assist us do that directly.

Search "PowerPoint to DVD" in the search engines, and you'll get many recommends. Lately, I've experienced 2 PowerPoint burning software.

1. Acoolsoft PPT2DVD

2. Wondershare PPT2DVD

Both of them are companies which have been investing in developing PowerPoint to DVD software. Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is much more innovative, while Wondershare PPT2DVD is much more sophisticated.

Common figures of the tools:

Work easily with Microsoft 'office' 2000/2002/2003/2007 and Vista

Retain animations, transitions, seem tracks, movie clips and also the inner hyperlinks in the original presentation

In a position to create professional look DVD menus

Burn to DVD/HD-DVD with built-in DVD/Compact disc burning program

Support batch conversion


Wondershare PPT2DVD enables customers to transform PowerPoint presentations to video formats for example Wmv file, MPEG and AVI, while Acoolsoft PPT2DVD does not.

The interface of Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is much more intuitive, customers may even begin to see the pictures from the put presentations Wondershare PPT2DVDs interface was created focused on step-by step conversion.

Click the link to understand more about how you can burn PowerPoint to DVD/Compact disc.

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