Download Free D-Day PowerPoint Template : A PPT For War Presentation

Are you looking for Free D-Day PowerPoint Template with a war theme background of military war equipment, soldier, weapon, gun, bullet or other? Download this patriotic theme PowerPoint background consists of a tank used in Word War II (WWII) and a American flag? It shows the proud of USA military who involved in the chaos with their courage, brave and strong.

This D-Day PPT design is talking about the history of WWII when allies invaded Normandy in Operation Overlord to beat Nazi German troop in France beach on Tuesday, 6 June 1944. The history written that American, British, and Canadian with their 24000 soldier landed on some beaches that divided into five sectors : Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword.

Actually there are 13 allied countries who took part in this D-Day Normandy Invasion. But for this chance of D-Day background PowerPoint, is only American flag with it tanks to represent the theme.

You can use this heroic background of free D-Day PowerPoint template for any use or presentation. When you are talking about military strategy in war, you can attach this free ppt into your PowerPoint design.

A movie discussion with war genre such "Saving a Private Ryan" is the right topic ideas for choosing this free PowerPoint template. This movie has a spot of war in France during the war. The small troops is in searching for a soldier name of Ryan. Another movie such "Band of Brother" also a good talk with this presentation background.

Watch this full documentary video about D-Day invasion in Normandy :

Talking about the a famous military commander of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Bradley are also the right niche to use this D-Day PowerPoint template background image.

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