Download Free Moon PowerPoint Template for Astrology, Astronomy Exploration

This is a Free Moon PowerPoint Template with a background image of some upper tress under the light and a bloody moon. It seems you see the moonlight in the forest and a clear dark sky without any stars.

This moon presentation template cover background is with dark black color as gradation. You can see a line of tree from left corner to the half of page with a full moon on the left top corner.

For inside page, the moon and trees are located on the top corner of the page in horizontal format.

This moon ppt is very good for astronomy presentation, exploring the science of the universe, explaining about moon festival or describing phases of the moon in PowerPoint.

It is also a moon exploration ppt that can be used to talk about planets and its related topics, such sun, earth, Mercurius, Venus, mars, etc.

With this ppt about moon phases, you can explain the its phases from crescent moon, half moon until full shape that shows a clear light in yellow or bloody red.

The description will be clearer if you can provided the moon change on animation or video. So the audience can fully understand how the moon phase happened.

This moon ppt template is also suitable for making an astrology presentation. The presentation show the slide and discuss the human impact on the change in position, movement and properties of the moon and stars. This knowledge is known better as horoscope.

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