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Outer Space PowerPoint Template : Sample Slide Background Design

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Preparing a presentation about stars, planet, galaxy exploration can not be separated from outer space PowerPoint template. Because those outer space objects are the parts of celestial that many scientists try to find so many information about that. Actually there are so many other object that fit to use in your PowerPoint template as background ppt design. And below we will share some ideas about presentation background images that good in your slide.

Background Ideas for Outer Space PowerPoint Template

Here are the best ideas for your PowerPoint template background that suitable for your outer space presentation.

Solar System

Earth is not he only one object in the outer space, but many others that go around the sun. Those objects known as planet that built as solar system. The rotation and circle part of the planet is a very good ideas to use as your solar system PowerPoint presentation background.

Galaxy PPT Background

One idea about backgrounds for PowerPoint that related with science and outer space presentation is galaxy. Galaxy is one object that has been observed for many years by scientists. The, when doing a discussion about this matter, and you need to show your sample PowerPoint presentation, the picture of Milky way is the only your choice.


Science ppt templates with stars in the background of PowerPoint slide design is an iconic image if people think about outer space. The most popular choice for students, scientist, planet observant when designing their material for conference, announcement or lectures. It is no mater what types of audiences you will face, but stars still the most popular picture for you ppt background.


NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration whose their aerospace vehicles are well known around the world. Discovery, Endeavor, Columbia may be more popular than other NASA activities itself. Showing a launching rocket of spaceship on the presentation background is a good idea in making a cool PowerPoint templates that looks professional. If you want to create tech ppt templates, combining the space shuttle with astronaut, stars or planets.