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Space PowerPoint Template : 7 Iconic Background Ideas

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When you are planning to do a scientific presentation about stuffs in outer earth, then Space PowerPoint template can deliver your messages. A PPT on space science can be recognized easily by looking at the background image. And below, we will show you ideal of space background for PowerPoint theme that you can use in your presentation.

Background Space PowerPoint Template Download Free


Galaxy is known as a very big collection material in outer space that includes gas, stars, solar system and dust. When talking about space, astronomy, NASA or moon of course people will imagine about galaxy. Especially when you perform a science PowerPoint template about galaxy, then galaxy background image as above picture is a perfect theme for your PowerPoint template.

Outer Space PPT

Outer space ppt background must be a common theme that often used in many Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. And it is fine to use it in your scientific ppt design. Space PowerPoint Template free outer galaxy theme mars nasa stars planet templates astronomy alien download themed shuttle maintainers related exploration animated invaders confined office travel cool age microsoft earth in for international station presentation backgrounds.

Space Shuttle

Doing a presentation about space exploring is always related about space shuttle PowerPoint template as the only vehicle to the outer space such moon or planet is a really cool design. Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour are some space shuttle presentation background that is right for you.

Earth and Space PPT

Displaying earth in space from the moon in education PowerPoint template is a way to represent about history of space exploration. It is a kind of symbol or icon of celebration of space exploration for the first time by human being. A good memorial PowerPoint background when people landed on the moon and looked to the earth.

International Space Station PowerPoint Template

International Space Station PowerPoint background for PowerPoint shows an ultimate technology in space exploration. When you are talking about spaceship, astronaut, cosmonaut from USA and Russia, displaying an ISS spacecraft as PPT science background is a good choice.

Space Invaders

Alien, UFO, ET are kind of space invaders background are often used in many document including in PowerPoint design. Those terms are easily found in mind when discussing in your presentation about aliens in outer space.

Space Exploration

An unmanned vehicle in space exploration of Mars Rover during their observation and expedition in Mars. Doing a conference and presenting about manned vehicle space travel that has planned by NASA in the next 25 years is perfect perspective to use above image as in your slide ppt. May be it is not only to Mars, but also to Jupiter.

Below a video about space animation with the movement of planets, satellites, moon, sun and earth :

Those all background image ideas that you can put on your space PowerPoint template.