Easy Ways to Convert PDF To Powerpoint Mac

If you've ever tried Convert PDF To PowerPoint Mac directly into a PowerPoint presentation, you already know the process rarely end well. Fortunately, if you have a Mac, you can use your Mac's review of applications to change any PDF into a series of JPEG images.

For Convert PDF To PowerPoint Mac, You can then insert these images directly into PowerPoint presentations. If a PDF was created using PowerPoint, the process is even easier, because you don't need to re-size the image to get them to customize slide.

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How to Convert PDF To PowerPoint Mac

Convert PDF To Powerpoint Mac

1. Run the Finder and click on "New Folder" in the File menu. "Name" field will be highlighted for editing. Immediately type a name for the new folder and press "Enter." Drag a PDF to this folder.

2. Run PDF with Preview by double clicking on the Finder window. Note that if you have made other program your default PDF viewer, you will need to open a Preview, and then open the PDF from the file menu "Preview".

3. Click on the "File" menu in the Preview and select "export." Click the "Format" menu in the dialog box and choose "JPEG". Adjust the quality slider to "best." If the file size is a factor for your PowerPoint presentation, you can reduce the quality if desired. JPEG file size is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.

4. Type "001 .jpg" in the field "export as". Click "Save." The first page of the PDF converted to JPEG images and stored in the same folder as PDF.

5. Scroll down to the second page of the PDF and export it as you did the first page, save it as a .jpg "002" keep repeating this process, naming each consecutive page as ".jpg 003, 004." "jpg," etc. until each page has been exported to an image file.

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Create a PowerPoint presentation

1. Start PowerPoint. Select "new presentation" from the File menu.

2. Click on the "Insert" menu, select "Picture" and click "from File." Navigate to the folder containing the PDF image JPEG and click "001. jpg." Click "Insert."

3. check the placement of the image. If a PDF was created from PowerPoint slides, images must be of the correct size and are positioned in the center of the slide. If required, click and drag the image Center to the middle of the page. You can also re-size the image by dragging one of the corners of the image.

4. Click on the "Insert" menu and choose "New Slide."

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all the images have been placed in the presentation. Save your presentation by selecting "Save" from the menu "File".

Convert PDF to PowerPoint using iSkysoft Mac PDF Converter

To convert PDF to PowerPoint, you do not get proper utilities to do this on the Mac. Thus, it is necessary that you have to have a third party software that allows you to convert files without any errors. Prominent one must iSkysoft PDF Converter for Mac (acts as a professional PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac).

It is easy to use and the speed of conversion can be super fast. What's more, it can convert multiple PDF files to a format PowerPoint (.pptx) in batch. You can even choose the range of pages to a partial conversion. To enable OCR feature, you can even convert scanned PDF to PPT, Word, Excel, text, and more. Those all you have to know about convert PDF to Powerpoint Mac

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