How to Choose Clicker for Presentation

What is clicker for presentation? It is mainly a tool that can be used to manage your slides of presentation. It is known also as the pointer or the “remote control” for your slide. Sure, in the professional world like job or school, this is very beneficial. It is particularly if you need to present your works by standing up so that you don’t need to see your PC too often.

Clicker For Presentation

There are some clickers that are offered in a set with the LCD to display the screen. However, there are many cases where the clicker must be bought yourself. If this is what you experience, there are some matters you have to know related to how to choose the clicker for presentation.

The Range

The range means how far the maximum position from the clicker to the display. The range is around 10 to 30 meters. There are even many clickers in which the range is far from that.

To choose what kind of clickers that are the best for you, make sure you know your own necessities. It is including the width of room and the possibility of your movement.

For the safer choice, the wider range is better. It is so that you can be more flexible in moving from one side to another.

Control Features

The features provided by the laser clicker can be different from one brand to another based on the price. The cheaper features commonly only provide the features that enable you only to move back and forth.

Meanwhile, the more expensive can give you more features like right and left clicks, volume setting, battery indicator, and distance indicator.

Those are beneficial for sure since you must be able to indicate some situations like low battery or your position is already far from the display.

The Colors of Laser

The colors of laser commonly found are red, blue, and green. If your presentation area is quite light and bright, it is more suggested to choose the green one because this will be more visible than the others.

However, if you are able to do your presentation in the place which is quite dark, the red is considered as the most appropriate one. Why? It is known for a long time ago that red is the most visible color.

More than that, this color tends to make people pay attention to it more psychologically. So, this is how to choose the clicker for presentation.

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