Leather Presentation Binders - How Choose The Best One

Leather Presentation Binders has become as a new important tool for showing professionalism, business look and style. It is not only as archives collection media, but now people enhance it more than just a scrapbook and agenda.
Leather Presentation Binders

What Are Leather Presentation Binders

Leather presentation binders is a kind of book-shaped media using leather cover and is used as archive storage and documentation in the form of files, slides, in the form of sheets of paper or other thin media.

What Benefits Using Presentation Binders

There are so many benefits to use binder for your presentation or work. The most of them is to minimize negligence in managing time and also work. By having Binder agenda each of your work will be more structured. Because you can see in Binder agenda what activities to do next. For those of you who are office workers or students are expected to have a Binder agenda. To minimize negligence in managing time and also work. By having Binder agenda each of your work will be more structured. Because you can see in Binder agenda what activities to do next.

What Types of Binders for Presentation

Nowadays stationery is very diverse. You can choose stationery, notebook, even binder that suits your taste, classic, exclusive, girly, vintage, minimalist, or whatever.

What Leather Used as Binders Cover

Now the leather is not only used for clothing, shoes, belts, or bags, but there are binders that are made from leather. Leather presentation binders are binders that its cover made from leathers and look stunning from outside.

What More Function Leather Presentation Binders?

The function of this binder in addition to writing, can also be to store other stationery, even a calculator. The design not only looks charming on the outside but also inside. Some business people use this media as their leather presentation portfolio in order to have a professional look.

Papers used for writing are usually made exclusively. This binder is suitable for students and people who already work. The size is also varied and easy to carry anywhere.

The color choices of this leather binder are also varied. Large binders can be used to put the phone and also the calculator in it. While small binders can be used to put pencils, pens and erasers.

You can also carry your credit card and passport in this binder. Very practical and can load many items.

Variation of Presentation Binders With Leather Cover


There are several leathers colors that are usually used in this binder, dark colors such as black, dark brown, dark blue, maroon and gray. But there are also pastel colors like beige, peach, mocha, light blue, pink, and many more.


The patterns in this binder vary. There is a striped, there are round, there are abstract patterns, there is even a plain without any shade but still seem exclusive. The typically used pattern has an embossed texture. Will feel texture when touched. This is what makes this skin binder seem like something expensive.


Leather presentation binder sizes vary from smallest to large. The smallest A8 and largest A4 size. You can choose binder size according to your requirement.

Binder With Ring

Presentation binder with ring give you more flexibility in adding file or paper as new archive. Some of them use 3 ring inside as hook for paper of plastic.


Presentation binders that come with window give an access for you to see more professional by adding your company name, business or others.


Beside using windows, you can choose binder that has embossed feature for writing your name, business or others.

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