Tri Fold Presentation Board Sizes And Samples

Attract people's attention is not easy. To attract the people attention, we must make something eye catching and interesting. The tools and materials used to create a good display must also be unique and unusual. One of them is using tri fold presentation board.

Tri Fold Presentation Board

Compared to the regular blackboard, this is more interesting. People will enjoy the visual aspect of using display board. Tri fold presentation board is a board that divided into three panels.

This board can stand on its own, and both panels on both side and left can be folded. Usually these two side panels have half the width of the panel in the middle.

This type of board is usually used by schools and universities in Europe and America to publish sports clubs, art clubs, science clubs, health clubs and other clubs to attract students to join the club. Some shops are also using this board to offer discount menu and promo.

Size of Tri Fold Presentation Board

There are various sizes, they are:
  1. 14” x 22”
  2. 24” x 36”
  3. 28 "x 40"
  4. 36 "x 48"

The End is in Sight

Create a visual display should be able to combine the color and type of writing is also the size. So people can read it at a glance. Writing especially for titles should be big and easy to read, using too many letters of creation will make writing easy to read and difficult to understand.

What is more important is to make the content clear. Content should be clear what the intent and purpose. The location in the arrangement of the content in the presentation board should also order, in order to facilitate the reader to understand the flow.

Better Presentation Boards

Here below are some suggestions for displaying tri fold presentation boards:

  1. Plan your board
    First you have to make a good plan about what project you want to present. Pour all your ideas and make a simple layout plan.
  2. Know the size limitation
    Determine which spots will be filled by content and images. Make sure the spacing between content is enough. You definitely do not want your presentation looks too crowded, too low information, and too low to read.
  3. Choose the right title
    Choose an interesting title that can describe the purpose of your project.
  4. Tell the whole story
    The information you write should be useful to the reader. Select important information.
  5. Make effective use of headlines
    Use headlines effectively, do not need a lot of headlines, use sufficiently.
  6. Know font size
    The size of the title should be considered the size of the people can read from afar. While the size of the information content of reading also should not be too small, this will make it difficult for people to read your writing.
  7. Remember the power of pictures
    Do not forget to put the picture on your board to make it more interesting.
  8. Use quality materials
    The materials used should be qualified, so as not to be easily damaged.

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