How to Make a PowerPoint on an iPad for Presentation - Tutorial

Free Microsoft Office PowerPoint Templates For Mac - Microsoft’s PowerPoint for iPad finally makes this possible to open, edit, produce, and present native PowerPoint files on your own iPad without file transformation required.

This has become a benefit for anybody who frequently makes use of PowerPoint on a Mac or PC but likes the actual iPad’s portability. One of important presentation skills for beginner they must have.

Requirement to do PowerPoint on a iPad

PowerPoint on iPad requires you to have an Office 365 subscription. Every such subscription consists of access to OneDrive cloud-storage which you need to transfer files to and from your iPad.

Alternatively, if an additional app contains the PowerPoint file, you may use the Open Within command to send it to PowerPoint.

There’s absolutely no support for additional cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox.

PowerPoint on iPad
PowerPoint on iPad

Design Theme to Use for PowerPoint in iPad

When designing a new slideshow, you are able to choose from amongst 20 themes, every in your option of widescreen or regular aspect ratios.

Strangely, there is absolutely no overlap between the actual themes in the actual iPad version of PowerPoint and those in the actual Mac version and no facility to create new types.

The iPad version also does not have templates which health supplement themes with sample content you are able to customize quickly.

Element for PowerPoint Presentation in iPad

PowerPoint presentation for iPad includes a sensible array of text editing regulates. You may also add and format tables, several of shapes and lines, and graphics from somewhere else on your iPad.

Although you can use picture styles, dark areas, and reflections to imported images and resize or turn them.

PowerPoint for iPad includes no constructed-in chart capacity, but you may copy a graph from Excel with regard to iPad and paste it right into a slideshow.

You may adjust the entrance-to-back layering of each element on the slide, and you can utilize any of 36 slide changes, including eleven slides which don’t come in PowerPoint for OS X.

Control more than transitions is restricted, you can select a direction for the wipe or break down effect, but not really its duration, sound clips, or delays.

Lack of iPad for Designing Slide PowerPoint Presentation

Regrettably, that’s virtually the extent of what you can alter on a slip. You can’t add animations neither edit animations currently present in brought in slideshows.

There’s no SmartArt and no support with regard to audio. Any movies in a slideshow appear because static thumbnails.

You are able to reorder slides however there’s absolutely no Outline view.

And although you can easily see comments added within the desktop version of PowerPoint, you can’t edit or remove them, nor include new comments.

And now you have known how to make PowerPoint presentation in iPad.

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