What Will you Get on a PowerPoint Presentation in New Windows 8

Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates Download - PowerPoint is great software OS including Windows 8 to enhance your business presentation and to keep the audience focused on your subject.

It works like an old-designed slide show, but makes use of modern technology in the shape of computers and digital projectors rather than a slide projector of old. And here how to make PowerPoint presentation on Windows 8 for beginners as the latest edition of this program of this writing.

Benefit Using PowerPoint for Presentation

Creating a presentation for all purposes such as for education, health, sports, music or business also will be more effective when using MS PowerPoint.

Because the software is very popular and well known by many people. Due to the passage of an Office Suite software in the form of an integrated between one product with another, will make element in PowerPoint easier to manage.

Tasks Example

For example, when you're making a business plan presentation is done through software Microsoft Word, then you can easily add tables of numbers and graphs via MS Excel from other files.

Combining both typing and calculation programs can make each work becomes more detailed and faster.

Likewise, when you have to make both the previous records in Word and Excel, in a presentation, you simply utilize the existing data in the previous file into your PowerPoint file.

PowerPoint in Windows 8
PowerPoint in Windows 8


But sometimes an obstacle when the operating system used on computers such as laptops, notebooks and netbooks also increased as from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Sometimes these changes, be a minor annoyance that mean for a job. Then why should enhance the operating system into Win 8? Are there any advantages when using PowerPoint in Windows 8?

Ability PowerPoint in Windows 8

Actually there some people who wonder if PowerPoint works on Windows 8. The answers is yes. You can do a PowerPoint in Microsoft Windows 8.

Having a new operating system on laptop is a good thing. But when we need to synchronize our job, sometime the trouble comes up.

As what many people face when they convert the old OS Windows into a new one. But using this presentation tool in Win 8, you will not get any problem, as you do on previous version.

What New Using PowerPoint in Win 8?

This quick checklist of the ten most typical PowerPoint terms is a useful gizmo for those new to PowerPoint on Windows 8.

If you tend to be upgrading from outdated PowerPoint, there are several new entries to be aware of. Each page in the PowerPoint presentation is called the slide.

PowerPoint presentations run just such as the slide shows of old, only they tend to be broadcast through a PC instead of a slide projector.


Slides in a PowerPoint on Windows 8 presentation can be seen in a variety of ways. Use the slip view that is befitting the task at hands.

Backgrounds can be additional to individual slides or just about all slides in the demonstration. Backgrounds for slides could be solid colors, gradient colors, textures or pictures.


Style themes were first launched in PowerPoint 2007. They work similarly as the design themes in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

A really nice function of the design themes is you can immediately see the impact reflected on you slides, before making your decision.

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PowerPoint on Windows 8 offers you a quantity of different ways to add clip art and pictures to a presentation. Perhaps the simplest way to do so is to select a slide design that contains a proxy for content such because clip art and pictures.

All slides and slide layouts in latest PowerPoint can be altered to your specifications. Most slip modifications are as easy as a few mouse clicks of the mouse. Just several mouse clicks is all that is required to add, delete or arrange slides in a demonstration.

This PowerPoint tutorial will demonstrate how to rearrange the order of your slides, add a new one or delete slides that you simply no longer need.


Slip transitions add movement to your slides as these people change from one slip to the next. This isn't to be confused with animations, which add motion to the objects on the actual slides.

Animations will end up being covered in the following tutorial. The term computer animation is used in PowerPoint to describe the motions which are applied to the objects on the actual slides, and not the slides on their own.

Actually there are some new feature that offered of PowerPoint in Windows 8. For anything else, you can find them more when you use it as you will get a new experience in using it.

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