Tutorial How to Design Master Slide Layout on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (Video)

Microsoft PowerPoint Slides Templates Free Download - There are a number of new terms within PowerPoint on Microsoft word 2007 that weren't there in previously versions such as ribbon and contextual menus.
This handy fast list of common PowerPoint 2007 terms can get you well on the way in which to learning the presentation.

How to Design Master Slide Layout on MS PowerPoint 2007

Designing master page for a slide in PowerPoint presentation is the key to make a whole good layout and how to amaze your audience during PowerPoint presentation.

Having a master slide can help you in making a various similar type of page design. By developing a small element inside the master slide, you can have a new layout of a presentation page.

And here the list what you can do to prepare a master slide in PowerPoint.

Different Slide Layout

PowerPoint has several different sights to look at your own slides. You can easily see each slide by itself page, or because several thumbnail variations of the slides within Slide Sorter.

A notes page provides a place to add speaker information below the slip, for the presenter's eyes just.

The reason to keep your own slides plain whitened is for publishing purposes, and there are methods to get around which.

Add some color to the background to jazz it upward a little.

Designing Master Slide Layout PowerPoint 2007

Each page in a PowerPoint presentation can be named as the slide. The function of PowerPoint presentations as the slide that shows of old, only they're broadcast through some type of computer instead of a slide projector.

Basically inside Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you already have so many tools to make slide design. From text format, page background editing, box format, adding picture and many more.

By adding different background image, you can have various slide design. And on each design you an develop different master slide page.

That is so simple. In order to make them more different, you can add some elements as written below.

Using Template

Template is a kind of pre-format slide design that you can use to make a different presentation page in PowerPoint.

A .ppt or .pptx is the format of its ready to use page in MS PowerPoint. There are so many choices of template for different theme.

If you need a master slide for corporate, a business template is good one. But if you prefer a professional one, is also a good option. Medical ppt background is one design for presenting a health of biology research. And so on.

Adding Graphic

Photos and graphics are a large part of any PowerPoint presentation. They can be added in using the image on the content material layout slide kinds or simply using the Insert tab about the ribbon.

Moving and resizing slide products are just an issue of clicking and dragging the computer mouse.

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Arrange Slide

Just a couple of mouse clicks which will be required to add or rearrange slides inside a presentation.

This PowerPoint 2007 tutorial will highlight how to rearrange the purchase of your slides, include new ones or even delete slides that you simply no longer require.

Changes are the actions you see whenever one slide modifications to another.

Although, the actual slides are commonly computer animated, the term computer animation in PowerPoint, applies to the movements of objects on the actual slide, rather than the slide by itself.

Video Tutorial Designing Master Slide in PowerPoint

Below the video that you can use to learn step-bystep how to create master slide for presentation in PowerPoint.

Just as simple as above method, you have known how to designing a layout for master slide in PowerPoint 2007

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