Easy Tips How To Add Animation To PowerPoint with Images or Chart

How To Add Animation To PowerPoint - Are you having fun creating your first PowerPoint presentations and would like some advice on how to make them more attractive? What do you say, then, to learn how to apply some beautiful animations to photos such as chart in the slide? It's much easier than you imagine.

How To Add Animation To PowerPoint In Simple Way

All you need to do is take a few minutes of free time and read the signs I'm about to give you about how to create animated video for presentation.

You'll see, in less than no time you'll discover how to animate images on PowerPoint how to animate PowerPoint background using many effects as you want. Here's how.

If you want to learn how to animate business on PowerPoint for images, the first step you need to do is select the photos you want to apply the effect and to bring you into the Animations tab program.

Click the arrow located in the bottom right pane and choose animation which apply to the selected image.

Holding the mouse cursor still on the name of an effect for a couple of seconds. Then you will find a live preview on the next screen.

Also, clicking on the items that are found in the bottom of the menu (ex. Other effects of entry, effects of stress, etc.) You can see a list of animations are not in the main pane of PowerPoint.

After selecting the effect on the list, you can adjust the time and how the mode of activation using the fields located in the upper right tab animations PowerPoint.

Nest step on How To Add Animation To PowerPoint, through the drop-down menu you can select the Activate event to kick off the animation (eg. Mouse click), while in the fields Duration and Delay can be set, respectively, the time duration of the animation and the number of seconds must pass before it is executed.

You can also animate background PowerPoint for the images by applying them to two or more effects in sequence.

To do this, the program went to the Animations tab, click the Add button and select animation effects to be added to the primary set earlier.

Subsequently, the active pane PowerPoint animation by clicking on the appropriate button and use it to reorder / customize animations you've added to your photos.

To change the order of animations, just select them with the mouse and move them before or after the other.

To fully customize the animations, just right-click on its names in the box and select the animation effect Options item from the menu that will appear.

In the next window that opens, you can choose to play a sound simultaneously with the animation (the drop down menu Audio), how many times to repeat the operation (pull-down menu in the Repeat Interval tab) and other settings.

Once all the animation effects, displays a 'preview of your presentation by clicking on the button located on the top left of the toolbar and PowerPoint, if you are satisfied with the result, save the document by selecting Save As from the menu File program.

For a simple application on how to add animation to PowerPoint, you can use free animated PowerPoint template that suitable with your topics.

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