Share free PowerPoint presentation templates in ppt to download with various professional cute themes, animated and cool design backgrounds to use in business, education, medical, music, etc

24 Free Animated PowerPoint Backgrounds That Move For Presentation

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Animated PowerPoint Templates - Having a nice design slide for a presentation i one thing that so many presenters want to have. Adding the page with unique element such as moving image, transition, is a a good idea. And animated PowerPoint background are the stuffs needed.

But getting those images with free animated PowerPoint templates are not easy, you need to browse page by page that, of course, takes a lot of time. And here I want to share free animation pictures for making PowerPoint presentation background. It is a simple way to have a great design without knowing how to use animation in PowerPoint.

Animated Background that Can Move for MS PowerPoint Slide Presentation

Decoration the slideshow for business meeting, medical, education college, student, school and teacher with something interesting can help audience to be more focus on the presentation object. It is hopefully the goal of the meeting can be achieved. And you can use any animated PowerPoint background object to put on you presentation Slide.

Below free .ppt are from various MS PowerPoint version from 2007, 2010, 2013. And on each of these move animated PowerPoint free download element will tell you how to add animation and transition background to your presentation project.
  1. Travel Routes Map | A ppt template with a line that connected to three points that reflects as a route of a travel on a map. This animation travel is flexible to change the image and route destination with you own.
    Map Tracing Animation PowePoint 2013 Image
  2. Animation Buttons | An animated button along a curved line for you to make a pointing object.
    Animation Button and Highlight Text Animation
  3. Transition Pictures | Showing pictures such as photos during on a traveling can be don by using this animated PowerPoint background template. You can change the showing image by clicking your mouse.
  4. Fading Text | A great decoration for slide by making a transition effect on text by fading and zooming as it rises up and into place.
    Fading Text
  5. Faded and Zoom Pictures | A template with animation effect on a series of 3 pictures for a zooming fade-in and fade-out moving.
  6. Caption Text Forest View Animation. Making moving text in transition to a rectangle fading into view on top of a picture of a forested lake.
    Caption Text
  7. Growing Rectangle Text. A video-liked growing p rectangles with text inside from the bottom curving up from the bottom.
    Growing Rectangle Text
  8. Counting Down Animation. Number changing form the biggest to the lowest.
  9. Fading Text with Line. A moving line and text from the left of the page. This animated PowerPoint background template is suitable for making slide presentation cover.
  10. Red Circle on Text. A slide with red circle that moving to the text. This animated background graphic PowerPoint presentation picture is very suitable when delivering a data that needs to be clearly displayed.
    Red Circle on Text Image
  11. Unique Text Moving. A changing text size when starting to display on the slide and going to shrink when out of the page. A good design for showing so many sentence of text that should be explained one by one.
  12. Changing Color. A unique animation PowerPoint background that showing a picture changes color from grayscale to a colorful image. You can use this image for an introduction slide.
  13. Tab Moving. A separated page that divided by a tab. Each tabs moves to different position.
  14. Text Scrolling. If you are making a title page, subtitle or subpage, you can use this image background to show the emphasized text as title.
    Text Scrolling Animation Above Image
  15. Picture Moving and Changing. This animation PowerPoint slide shows how a picture moves along the path and changing its image. As a slide decoration when showing data, or graphs.
  16. Animated Text. Letter animates that comes for the left of the page one by one and moving out to the right of the slide.
  17. Number Dancing. Decorative animated PowerPoint background image for a presentation with the image numbers moving from one side to the other side to follow the existing line. Pattern matching image, to display the results of such research data in colleges, health care and schools.
    Animated Number Moving
  18. Rotating Image. A different style of rotating image as text background. A good animation PowerPoint presentation movement theme for pointing to explained object like information, news, data ad anything else.
  19. Combination Image and Text Moving. A bit complicated design for PowerPoint with a circle come into the a slide page while the text is rolling out. Making a presentation with serious matter can be distracted with this empty page.
    Moving Combination Image and Text Image
  20. Pointing Image and Text. When you explain something to your audience, you need to emphasize the text you mean on the screen. This image is suitable for that purpose by pointing the text and lighting up with different color for PowerPoint 2013.
  21. Movie Countdown. Do you want to have movie similar theme for you slide presentation? This animation on PowerPoint background is fit to your design.
  22. Traffic Light. Talking about traffic, cars, highway of related with transportation in presentation slide, is good to have this background.
  23. Basketball Sport Animation Background. A sport theme with animated basketball image.
  24. Butterfly Animated PowerPoint Presentation. An animated PowerPoint background of flying insect with wonderful color of butterfly.